winner winner, chicken dinner

Does anyone else watch Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (or Triple D) on the Food Network? Joey loves that show, so we watch it often...
Anyways, after a pretty crappy weekend, I got a sweet little message.

I won something off of the Making Memories Blog! Check it out to take a quick survey to win yourself something fun. And to see my name;)

And then Friday, after waking up to a sinus infection (you've got to be kidding me!?!?!), I got my little package.


3 happy thoughts:

Kathy and Ryan said...

Yes, we LOVE diners drive ins and dives. Ryan looks all the time to see if they ever go to one in Denver. So far, no luck. We need to find a good one here check it out. Let me know if you know of anything!! Oh yeah, we also love to watch Unwrapped. Its our 930 before bed treat. However, I am usually asleep already at that time. haha. Oh motherhood!

Mandi said...

Packages are so fun - Happy for you!

Kim said...

Yeah!!!! Winning rocks! how fun. You are so good at finding these giveaways.