Project 365-Week 8

Sunday, Feb 15th

Poor Christian.
A boy living in a girls' world....
Monday, Feb 16th

Super Size, Super Size
The American Way
Throw it Down, Throw it Down
All Day Every Day
Yes, we watched this movie. Good motivator to avoid the fast food joints. Although I never go to McDonalds. No, Sonic and Taco Bell are my fav places. Are they any better? No, not really....
Tuesday, Feb 17th

A rare occasion. Reganne in a bath all to herself.
Wednesday, Feb 18th

I was washing our bedroom windows and Reganne was just memorized by the "view". Maybe I should pull up the blinds a little more often....
Thursday, Feb 19th

Marryn's new Britax Frontier Carseat/Booster arrived today! Here she is, trying it out, *texting* Dad on her *Blackberry*.
Friday, Feb 20th

Christian has officially outgrown his infant seat (ok, so it was like a month ago...). But instead of getting him a new seat, we upgraded Marryn, moved Reganne up and now Christian gets the original Britax we bought. He doesn't mind one bit though!
Saturday, Feb 21st

Our new food storage shelf. And I put it together all by myself :). Although I couldn't lift the box to save my life. I was barely able to help Joey move it from the car (the Costco guys put it into the car) and had to "slide" my end down the stairs into the basement.
I think we're going to get another one...we don't have nearly enough food storage and yet the shelf is already close to full...

4 happy thoughts:

Kim said...

Way to go on the food storage! I am kicking in to high gear on that one too. I wish I had a basement! That is the perfect storage for food storage. If only I owned a house across the street that had a basement and enough room for all my junk. Oh wait, that would be my crazy mother! (love you mom)
Also, Your new car seat looks wider than mine. It must just be the picture though. Ours looks exactly like that, but it is tan where the red is. Love it!
I am counting down the days until you get here. I am so excited!

Laine said...

yay on the food storage kelsey! Let me warn you....mice will find your boxes and pastas if you don't put them in a plastic tub...if you don't have mice now, you will soon!!!

Laine said...

and they can JUMP onto shelves you think they'd never be able to get to.

christy said...

i love the picture of reganne looking out the window. just lovely!