Project 365-Week 11

Sunday, March 8th

Finally finished my first ever blanket!
I also cut a hole in my pj pants in the process of snipping the ends. (I am pretty bummed about it too-they are one of my mediums that I now fit into...) Now, as a beginner, this is the blanket to do. Because of the *ragginess* of it, you can't tell how uneven everything is as much;) Word to the wise. Be sure to pre-wash everything. My creamy owl squares are now a pretty pale pink....
Monday, March 9th

Christian's LOVES frozen peaches.
I love them too. Bought a big organic bag at Costco. Yumm.
Tuesday, March 10th
Marryn found a quiet spot to play. A spot she was hoping Reganne wouldn't bother her. Good luck honey!
Wednesday, March 11th
Reganne has been having some behavioral problems. Nothing major, but enough that we feel it is beyond the "She's 2" point. As I have been praying about her, I feel strongly that she is just needing a little more attention from me. That she is struggling with the 'middle child syndrome.' So I have, the best I can, been trying to give her just a little more.
We even went out shopping together one day. Just the two of us. Of course, half way through, she asked if we could go home now;)
Thursday, March 12th
Marryn got her hair cut. She's been begging for weeks now. She hates it down and in her face (hmm, wonder where she gets that from...) and greets me every morning with a rubber band and brush. Funny enough, when the lady finished cutting it and asked her how she wanted to style it, Marryn asked for a ponytail! The lady looked at me a little worried, so we had to show her that it was a little too short for a ponytail...and that is what she asked for...
Friday, March 13th
Yeah! Christian signed milk, intentionally, for the first time. He's done it before, but only when excited or upset (the sign is opening and closing your hand). But this time he was sitting on the ground, just hanging out, and looked at his hand and started to open and close it very calmly. He then looked up at me with a huge smile! I was so proud! Of course I was eating lunch with a couple of my VT sisters and didn't pick him up to nurse him...shame on me! But later that night he did it again, and this time (after trying to take a picture-I'm so bad!) I did give him some milk.
Saturday, March 14th
An excellent example of how my purse is all I need.
We met up with a high school friend of Joey's (and his wife) in Castle Rock for dinner.
Three young kids at a Mexican restaurant...
What did I bring?
Just my purse of course. Everything I need is in there!
(But yes, there was a spare pair of jammies for Christian in the car.)

3 happy thoughts:

Laura said...

Yay for signing milk! Taran did that recently and then learned how to clap and we're beginning to see him waving too - so much fun! Logan was a really great signer - we were so thankful for that ability to communicate so early and so clearly.

The foundation is doing a raffle car seat prize giveaway - it would be great if you could help spread the word - details here - http://bombedier.blogspot.com/2009/03/spring-car-seat-raffle-for-kyle-david.html

Kim said...

Wow, I'm behind. You are good at blogging.
Your blanket looks great. Very cute.
Interesting that you put that Christian is eating ORGANIC peaches. I think you have an illness. :)
Love Marryn's hair.
I think Maylee went through that same middle child thing. I feel for them. Especially when they are so good and easy. It's easy to consider them "good" and help the other 2. I'm sure she'll love the extra attention.
Love a good purse.

christy said...

congrats on the blanket, i love it. it is so cute. you'll have to tell me how to make one.