Project 365-Week 10

Sunday, March 1st

I found these adorable dresses at the Gymboree Outlet (Not Gap? Shame on me!). I was so excited for the girls to wear them for church and then, as we're leaving, Reganne had a dirty diaper...and yes, it was so dirty, we had to not only change her dress, but pop her in the tub.... Needless to say, we were late (to 1:30 pm Church) yet again.
Monday, March 2nd

I finally got around to cleaning our air filters. When we moved in and had our air conditioner installed, we also had a humidifier and electronic air cleaner put in. Every few months, we're suppose to shut down the system (we have our fan running constantly) and run these (and some other filters not shown) through the dishwasher.
Lucky for us, we had 70* weather! Sure didn't need our furnace on!
Tuesday, March 3rd
He's finally sitting, at nearly 8 months...
I love this stage!
Wednesday, March 4th
Silly girl.
I was trying to take her picture, and she couldn't stop laughing!
Thursday, March 5th
Christian still doesn't grasp the concept of a bottle.
He doesn't even try to suck on it.
Just plays with it, gnawing away as the water drips down his face.
Friday, March 6th
After our YW's activity where the girls made their Trek bonnets and aprons, I was motivated to pull out the blanket I started last January (January of '08 ) that I hadn't touched since.
I am not a sewer, although I'd really like to be, and this was my first project.
Saturday, March 7th
My kids hate these kind of baby things (swings, exersaucers, walkers, etc) as babies...
Except for the bouncer, these toys would only buy me a few minutes before they'd start crying. I even got rid of some of them before moving (while pregnant even) and yet, people keep giving them "back" to us.
Oh well. At least someone enjoys sitting in it.
She hated the old one we had when she was a baby.

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