lamp re-do

Took some of this

Applied it to this
($2.00 at the Salvation Army)

To get this

To go with this
(a $7 clearance at Target)

Helpful tip: tape up everything (like the entire cord) that you don't want sprayed. 

9 happy thoughts:

Sara said...

Nice! I did a lot of white-spray-painting to stuff last month. It's a great way to shake things up...no pun intended :)

Jennifer said...

looks great! I have to stay out of buisnesses that sell such wonderful goods! I have so much to get rid of as it is:) No More time to clean what I have!! ha ha!!
Seriously looks great though..I love re-doing things like that!

Kat said...

Just so crafty!!! I love it!

Lorajean said...

Wow it look awesome! Great find!

Laura said...

Awesome! Great find!

PS - my friend just called his son Kellen! Love the name!

Kim said...

Whoa Martha Stewart! Are You Kidding Me?!!! That is AWESOME! I am so impressed! I love it! I would have looked at that lamp shade and thought, wow what a cute lamp shade and a smoking price, to bad I don't have a lamp. :) Good job girl!!!

Michaela said...

Great project! It looks fantastic! (:

Between Blue and Yellow said...

Looks so cute, inspires me to try this. For some reason I can never find a good one at the thrift store.

Jena @ Involving Color said...

I love this! The lampshade really makes the lamp. Looks great. I found your blog through Remodelaholic - I'm your newest follower!