a couple of quick things

First of all.

One of my favorite bloggers/scrapbookers/photographers, Becky Higgins, has been doing a  photo challenge for the past few weeks.  This week was minimalist shots, using white space.  I immediately thought of a photo I took of Reganne this past winter (for a photo class no less).

So I sent it in.  And it *won*!!  Check it out here.  Yeah for me!  

Second of all.

Crop Chocolate.  Ever heard of them?  If you're a scrapbooker or crafter, this is a great site.  Deep discounted products, offered one a time.  And the deal changes throughout the day.

Anyhow.  Awhile ago they had a call for *chocolatiers*.  So I signed up.  No real talent was really required;).   And today, I finally posted my project (deadline is tomorrow).  Used a super cute kit from Echo Park called A Walk in the Park.  [Pictures are from Chuck E. Cheese.]  

You can also check it (and others) out in the gallery.

7 happy thoughts:

Jamie said...

Yeah!!! Congrats miss photographer!

Mandi Buchanan said...

I recognized your photo on Becky's blog! Congrats! Thanks for sharing your creations with us!!

Megan {Honey We're Home} said...

That IS a great shot! Congrats!

Ashli Dardenne said...

That's so awesome that you won!!!!!!! Congrats!

Kim said...

SWEET, that is awesome that you won! I keep telling you that you have a serious gift! I am so jealous that you get to scrapbook! Cute page!

Kim said...

OK, Shut up! I just looked at that website, you do realize that some of the other pictures were even taken by professional photographers! You need to start charging people, and start taking some pictures!!!! You are so awesome! We have a few girls in our ward that take pictures on the side, never mind I'm calling you right now!

momentsthattakeyourbreathaway said...

congrats you won! Such a great picture- nice job. Did I ever tell you I grew up with Becky Higgins? She was in my stake- played bball together and went to girls camp.