an enchanting tea party

the invites

the decorations

the cupcakes

the treats

the little sisters

the party

We had so much fun with this party!!  I just wish I had started planning it a little earlier...

Found 11 matching teacups and saucers, the *creamer* and *sugar jar* at the Salvation Army, 1/2 off.
Found a coordinating teapot (no lid though) at Goodwill.
Little sister's tea set, clearance toys from Target a while back.
Made the tissue pom poms myself from tissue paper and floral wire from the Dollar Store.
Had the Happy Birthday banner (a Pottery Barn clearance a couple years ago).
Pink plates, cups, poka-dot napkins and table clothes from Target.  
Had pink lemonade with fresh sliced lemons and flower shaped ice cubes (Dollar Store).
Served PB&J *tea sandwiches*, strawberries, grapes, pretzels, cheese cubes and olives.
Cherry chip cupcakes with cherry frosting and pearl beads (Wilson).
The black poka-dot paper cups from Michaels.
Party gifts were cotton candy, bubble gum, more candy and bubbles, later all packaged in a clear little bag.
15 girls total (11 big, 4 little).
Made bracelets and played outside.

Enjoyed the decorating and planning...didn't do so hot with the hosting...;) 
Good thing some moms volunteered to help.
And didn't get all the photos I wanted.
In fact, ran out of time to even take the table photos, so I set it all up a couple days later to get them.  That's why my flowers are a little wilted.

And thanks to Grandma Jean, who took Christian for the whole day.

12 happy thoughts:

Megan said...

Oh, Kelsey! It is just lovely.

Jennifer said...

Wow do you know how to throw a party!! Looks like it was so much fun! I hope her birthday was absolutely fabulous. You are such a great mom!!

Emily said...

Oh my. That should be published in a magazine! You have too much talent for one mamma...share a little :)

Jamie said...

You did a fabulous job decorating! I love the tissue balls and banner!

Kat said...

Umm....Can you throw a tea party for me?!?! Because that just looks fabulous and I want to now be a six year old!!

Lorajean said...

such a lovely party!! That photo of the table is AMAZING!! looks like it was so much fun!

Megan {Honey We're Home} said...

I am in love with this party- I want to have been a guest! Everything is just beautiful! I especially love the invites, table setting and banner. I want to become a follower, but don't see where to?? I'm just bookmarking you for now:)

Kelsey said...

Thanks everyone! I had even more planned for it, but time got away from me (got the idea from you Lorajean;). And thanks Megan for wanting to follow me!! I added it to the side.

Kim said...

Are you kidding me!!! That looks like something right out of a magazine. Nice job! It all looks so cute! I should have you start planning all my kids parties! I don't have the patience, ok truth be known I don't actually think about their birthday until 2 maybe 3 days before. I envy your skills, patience and planning :) The invites are adorable too. Move your little buns down here so you can help me!

Laine said...

wow, wow, wow!!! YOu are amazing! I love all of it...the photos...the colors....the set up...wow!

Megan {Honey We're Home} said...

I'm back to look at your party again! Getting ideas for future parties for my little guy. But I couldn't help but notice how great that photo is of the table even though it's shot facing the glass door. What is the trick to getting such a great shot while shooting toward a window or glass door? Time of day?? Thanks!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Visiting from Honey We're Home. Your party was absolutely adorable!!!!