and he's 5 months

What a joy this little Kellen kid is.
Loves to chew on his feet.  Loves to chew on anything really.
Still scooting around on his back.
Rolls both ways.
Enjoys playing on his tummy.  Unlike any of the others.
Loves to sleep on his tummy.
Still sleeping next to us.  In a pack'n'play.  Outgrew the cradle about 2 months ago.  The others slept in it for about 6 months...
And sleeps throughout the night about 4 times a week.  Otherwise gets up around 4-6ish for a feeding.
No solids yet.
Not too crazy about sitting in the walker thing, but will hang out in it for a bit.
Still adores his siblings.  Mostly.
Loves attention.

And I realize that I never posted his 4 months stats...so this is what he was at a month ago...15 pounds (45%) and 27 inches (90%).


Turned in his cradle. Back in July....
Chewing on his feet.
With my brother Garrett.  (Crawford, Co)
With Joe's brother B.J.  (Sheridan, Wy)
With Joe's dad, Grandpa Dave.  (Sheridan, Wy)
With Joe's mom, Grandma Jean, and his sisters.  Christian was throwing a fit on the floor next to them.

5 happy thoughts:

Leigh Sabey said...

I love all his little smiles in these shots! My fave is the one with grandma. Too cute!

Sara said...

He's soo cute! I especially like the first picture with the string of drool coming down haha...just adorable!

Kim said...

He is so cute! I can't believe how much he is changing! I'm sad that he's getting so big! I want to see him again. He looks so different from Christian, definately looks more like your side I think. He is so sweet. I love the picture of Garrett and Kellen and the one of Joey's Mom and the kids.

Emily said...

He is so sweet! I can't place him...does he look like Marryn? Definately not like Christian and Reganne, since I think those two are twins. You have beautiful kids, really.

Megan {Honey We're Home} said...

He is the cutest thing ever! I love those first two pics where you can tell how silky smooth his skin it. So sweet!