and now she's six

It's so hard to comprehend.
She's 6.

Seems like just yesterday she was this itty bitty baby.
And now.

Going to school.
Playing soccer.
Losing teeth (lost her first top tooth the day after her birthday).
Hassling her sister.
Loving her brothers.
Helping, sometimes, around the house.

And having birthday parties.
Yes, we threw her her first friend party.
More pictures to come.

3 happy thoughts:

Leigh @ ColoradoSpringsGiveaways said...

She is so beautiful! By the way, I saw her wearing this dress at church a couple weeks ago and I meant to tell you that it is the cutest dress I've ever seen!

Jennifer said...

Awww Happy Birthday! I know, time goes by way to quick..I'm not a fan at all.sigh! She is so cute:)

Kim said...

She is so cute! I can only imagine how excited she was for her party! Wish we could have been there.