first days

Yes.  The school year is upon us again. 
I still can't believe it is even upon us...


First Day of First Grade.

The only *new* things, her socks and shoes.
Bought them big.  Hope they last...
Her backpack, still in good shape.
Her skirt, lookin' a bit short.
To be honest, all her bottoms had to be replaced about half way through last year when she outgrew them...
School starts at 8:15.
Gets out at 3:15.
She conked out about an hour after getting home.

First Day of Preschool.

Also using last year's backpack.
Goes Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:00-11:00.
And because of her *late* October birthday, is the oldest.
Considering putting her in the pre-k class...we'll see how things go...

4 happy thoughts:

Rhitzclan said...

Oh my goodness!! Marryn is so big and adorable in those socks!! Hunter started 1st grade too a couple of weeks ago. He's been pretty tired. =)

Kim said...

Ahh, so beautiful! I'm still sad to think that Marryn and Wyatt could be in the same class if you lived here. Are you planning on moving anytime soon :) We are starting to think about moving to Colorado, but I think Montrose. But I have no idea why Montrose. It wouldn't be for several years though. Maybe we should find somewhere we could both go :)

Skye said...

all of your babies are beautiful kelsey and i love your blog. i'm so glad you commented on mine so i could rediscover you and get a peek into your magical life.

Michaela said...

Your kids are absolutely adorable! So glad I found your sweet blog (: