photo shoot: claire

This is Claire.
Man alive.
Is she not gorgeous?
Look at those eyes.
She was a typical 2 year old however.
Not too interested in posing for a picture.
But I'm use to that. 


I am not a professional photographer. 
But I want to be.  Or something of the sorts.
I don't have a great camera.
But I have a decent one.
I am not a great editor.
But I do have some tricks.

I offered to do this little photo shoot for some friends in our ward (the baby's pics are coming soon-hopefully).  
And funny story.  Well, not really funny.  Just interesting.  
We knew them from the single's ward in Ft Collins.  
Nick's grandpa gave me my patriartical blessing and Leigh had business classes with Joe at CSU.  
So it was fun that we moved into the same ward as them here.


So I could use a little feedback.
Let me know what you think.
How's the lighting, the angle, the clarity/focus? 
Too bright?  Joe thinks so.
(Click on them to make them bigger.)
Be honest.  I want to get better.
And which is your favorite; basic color, seventies, or bw?
(I am currently in love with this seventies action...so I could use some other input.)

9 happy thoughts:

Katie said...

the first picture, natural light is perfect. The other two with natural light are a little bright, but still good. And I love the seventies look of all three. Regardless, if you had taken these pictures for me, I would have been stoked, I think they're beautiful.

Jennifer said...

I always love your pictures. I love how they do not look like pictures, but like real life. Does that make sense? The clarity is beautiful and they just seem to jump off the page at you. I always feel like I am right there with them where ever they are having the picture done. This is very popular these days to have such clear pretty pics. Not like the ones you get in the studios anymore.

LeighSabey said...

Again, these are sooooo beautiful! (I just left a comment on facebook). I absolutely love them. You're right, her eyes look really bright in these shots! I could never even dream of taking pictures like these. Thank you!!!

Danelle said...

I think they are beautiful, and if I am guessing correctly at who the mom is, she obviously likes them, which it the most important thing! Whenever I do black and white or actions like the 70's one, I just provide the client with the regular edited version as well. Then they can choose which they like best, because I think that is really a matter of taste. I love that 70's action, but Glen almost always prefers the "plain" version.

Kim said...

Uhhhh, I realize now how very little I know about photography. You mean there is something different about each one? Just kidding. I love the last one, but I couldn't tell you why :P So that reminds me, are you coming to Arizona anytime before Thanksgiving? We are needing some family pictures taken.

MrsBlehr said...

My favorite is the second to the last one. You could totally be a photographer..i loove all your pictures!

Kathy and Ryan said...

I like the first one of each pose. I of course like B&W, but for color, the 1st edits look soft and realistic. What program are you using? I have photoshop cs3 and would like to get more into it! Just sooooo much to learn! Right now I just make everything really bold for the blog. But when printed, its not as good.

Laura said...

Your photography has come a LONG way!!! I do feel that these are blown on the left side - either overexposed, or completely blown out. Try for getting more even light on the face - it makes editing and the final result much easier.

Megan {Honey We're Home} said...

Claire looks like an angel! Your photographs are amazing! In the color ones, I do like the second picture- they seem a bit softer and not too bright. I think it's a compliment to say that the little girl is what stands out to me, not the "picture."