sneaky boy

Nothing is safe anymore.
Caught him the other day eating my chocolate I hid in the fridge.
The same day he found the oreos.
The day before he got into the girls' gum....

And don't you just love his socks.
He must have pulled them from the girls' bin.
They're Christmas ones.
Wore them like that all day.

4 happy thoughts:

Kim said...

Too funny! He is such a boy! This is just the beginning. You are not even going to believe the things he is going to do as he gets older :)

The Lepetich Family said...

Oh Kelsey! The stories I could tell you about my little guy! I love your pictures! They are so cute! I can't wait to hear more!

Emily said...

Ha, ha. I love little boys. Cute pics!

Amparo said...

That kind of stuff happens a lot at my house too!