snow shoot

Some more assignment pics-all unedited.

It had been snowing all day and then for just a while, the sky peeked out.

Reganne is not my most willing subject, but Marryn was at school and Christian was napping....  Probably didn't help that she was *cold* either. 
It wasn't THAT cold though;)

I really like the last photo.  I think it represents a good part of who she is. 

4 happy thoughts:

McMom said...

Those are really cute. Snow is tricky too, but these look great. I can't believe they aren't edited.

Kim said...

You are amazing! Love the pictures! She is so adorable! Snow would be so fun!!! I would love to sit inside and watch it snow! Maylee asked me if she could go swimming today :) (It's not THAT warm here, crazy kid)

Laura said...

LOVE the pictures!!!! I need to go on a photography course ASAP!

I gave you a blog award - come by my blog to find out the details.

Amparo said...

Your pics came out great even though they were unedited. Reganne is such a cute kid as are your other two.