gettin' my craft on

I love to scrapbook.
I just never actually do it.
But after getting this incredible book, I was ready to go!
And this is what I have created.

  [Sorry, but these are not the best pictures...]
Soon to come, some projects I've been working on around the house...I just have to finish them...;)

4 happy thoughts:

Kim said...

look at you go! Good job! I love the pages, it makes me want to scrapbook! I'm considering digital scrapbooking for Maycee.

Ali said...

They look really great-- I love the designs.

Jennifer said...

aw, how cute! Very good job. I'd love to get started on something like that, but may not finish it..ha ha! Very cute though. you are very talented!

Koenig Family Blog said...

WOW, those pages are so cute! I need to get working on mine! I have heard about that book.. maybe I will ask for it for my bday and it will get me going to. Do you print the pics out yourself to get the different sizes?