Practicing for my photography class I've been taking. 
LOVE it!

[all unedited-some need a little tweeking still...]

[front lighting]

Which way looks better?  I think I tilted the camera just a tad too much;)



You'd think Marryn would be a great subject to practice on.  Nope.  She likes to pose.  And not in a good way. 
And her smile.  She's got an adorable playful smile, but really hard to get her to come out and do it naturally. 
But she did enjoy blowdrying her hair with my new Christmas present (that and a straight iron).

2 happy thoughts:

Laura said...

Good for you for taking a class - I need to do the same!

Kim said...

I totally forgot about the blow dryer and flat iron! How is that going? Have you used them? (why am I thinking the answer is no) Cute pictures though! My class talked about lightening briefly, but my pictures didn't turn out ANYTHING like that! You are a natural girl! I think I like the side lighting, although I am usually a fan of front lighting. The front lighting picture seemed to bright. But all very cute! I would be happy if I could get my pictures even close to that good.