that's bad

So the other night Joe came home from work and told the girls that they needed to pick up the playroom (aka the front room) because "it is bad." (Which to be honest, it always is.)

Marryn then replied very matter of factly,

"It's not bad Dad, it's messy.  Bad would be like, (and said in a high pitched voice) 'Look out!  There's a terrible storm coming!' or (and again said in that same high voice) 'Oh no!  The lightbulb broke!'  That would be bad."

We had a hard time keeping ourselves together over that one. 
Actually, we didn't. 
We completely busted up.  

3 happy thoughts:

Kim said...

Brillant I tell ya! She is so smart and so funny!

Rhitzclan said...

Out of the mouths of babes, right? =) Too cute.

Kathy and Ryan said...

I love it...so cute to hear her thought process! Hope you are feeling good!! :)