28 weeks

Guess I shocked (mostly) everyone with that last post.  And then I go like 2 weeks without a peep.  Nice.  Anyhow.  Yes, we waited until we actually saw all the grandparents first (which oddly enough was each of the holidays-Halloween, Thanksgiving and then Christmas) before announcing.  And yes, there were some who already knew-I didn't want people around here to think I was just getting fat;)  So here's the scoop. 

He was a surprise. 

Well, we knew we wanted "him" (we preferred a him-for poor little Christian;), but would have gladly taken on another her).

So, let me rephrase.

The timing was a surprise.

But we are excited and thrilled to be having another little one in just a couple months.  (YIKES-is it really going to be that soon?!?!)

Here's a peek at our little guy at 28 weeks (this is my 3rd ultrasound and it's been pretty clear with each that it's a boy;).  He's about 2-3 lbs.  I'd like to think closer to that upper limit-makes the already 30+lbs I've put on (mostly with Oreos and Dr. Pepper) feel a little better;)  Because we all know 10 lbs for mom equals like a pound of baby, right? 

The girls thought he looked like a cross between an alien and, well, a clown. 
Actually, it was more like this:

Marryn-"He looks like an alien."
Reganne-"Yeah, he looks like an alien."
Marryn-"Now he looks like a clown."
Reganne-"Yeah, he looks like a clown."

Oh, he and Christian will be about 21 months apart.  Reganne and Christian are just 20 months apart. 
This should be cake, right? 

5 happy thoughts:

Emily said...

21 months is a heck of a lot better than 14 months...you will do great. It'll be hard for a bit, but I honestly think 4 kids is much easier than 3. I heard once you pass 3 it's all the same, I thought it was a bunch of BS, until I had 4, and it is true! I can't wait to see him:)

Kim said...

LOL! I'm still laughing at the cake part. Sorry :) I will say that now that my Mom came and cleaned my house I do feel like it's going MUCH better. I can keep on top of things, I just can't doing anything else. There are only certain times that I think we were crazy to have 4 so close together. But I laugh about them...later. That's good, right? I think I could totally do four if I never had to leave the house. I seriously did this to myself. The only times I think four is insane is when I'm trying to hurry and get Wyatt to school and Maylee to preschool and then ballet and then to music class, baseball practice, playgroup, etc. My advice would be to do NOTHING! Don't put your kids in a million activities...it backfires!

McMom said...

Everyone I know says that once you have three, you might as well have 20, so it should totally be a piece of cake. And "a suprise, but not surprising," is the way I always put that situation.

Megan said...

Oh. i am loving him. You can already tell he looks like your other kids. I love that his timing was a surprise. And yes, it's true. Once you have 3 you can do anything. My easiest are my 4th and 5th. I am so excited for you guys!

Laine said...

awesome Kelsey. It's been too long since I've been here to "visit" you. Love your photography! So excited about baby boy! Get ready. All I can say is having 3 babies in 20 months has been insanity for us, but the good sort. :) I'm so excited for you....