a little gratitude

I know, a little late, but really, is it ever late to express a little gratitude?

I am grateful that although our trip was delayed a day, we were able to drive to Arizona to visit my family over the Thanksgiving week. (And on that topic, I'm also grateful that my oh-so-not-mechanical husband and I were-with the phone assistance of his dad-able to jump start our car and that after battery tests, were in the clear with a perfectly fine battery. ???)
I am grateful that after 14 hours in the car, at least someone was at my parents house to greet us. And at a house we had never even been to.
I am grateful to my not-so-little brother Garrett and his fine entertaining skills while we waited yet almost another day for my parents to finally arrive.

{I love Uncle Garrett's horse rides}
{I love my Uncle Garrett and even though I haven't seen him for 2 years, I can't stop talking his ear off}
{How come I didn't get to go outside????}
I am grateful for the full day we all spent together, totally relaxing doing nothing, before heading to Mesa.
I am grateful for my aunt and uncle for putting us up for a couple days. On top of just welcoming a brand new little baby girl the week before and hosting our family's Thanksgiving dinner.

{Kim and Steve with baby number 4, sweet Maycee}
I am grateful for all the wonderful food prepared. Especially those extremely hot HOT homemade stuffed jalapenos.

{My mom, the non-cook, getting sucked into some intense food preparation-hence the gloves and masks}
I am grateful for my little cousins that entertained my kiddos the entire trip. And for my uncle for bonding over a can of whipped cream with Reganne.
{Digging dirt in their Thanksgiving best-Hanging out in the Playroom-Four girls in a tub}
I am grateful to Kim for lending me some short sleeved tops to wear in the near 80* weather. (My Thanksgiving sweater was just not going to cut it.)
I am grateful to April and Camry for helping to clean up the cherry Dr. Pepper that sprayed everywhere when Christian threw an unopened can on the floor.

{What the heck??? Why does everyone else seem to be enjoying these???}
I am grateful that we decided to come home one day early-yes, only a little grateful...:( -and that our car's DVD player decided to turn back on when the screen suddenly went blank after only a few hours on the road.
And, I am so very grateful for my own sweet little family.

8 happy thoughts:

MK said...

I've missed hearing from you! It seems like it's been forever since you updated. Sounds like an interesting, yet fun Thanksgiving. Memories for those kids forever.

Kat said...

The bath picture is classic!! I love it!

Rhitzclan said...

Sounds like a blast! I can relate to the short sleeves and 80 degree weather bit... We enjoyed that over our Thanksgiving as well!

momanddad said...

It was so much fun spending Thanksgiving together. Were those Jalapenos really that hot. Just because we couldn't breath. there has got to be a better way to do those. We will have some for Christmas, guess you will miss out.
Garrett is such a doll. He is so good with kids. I am waiting for him to bring in his trailer so I can pack it with supplies, You know things like dishes and towels.pans I even have toothbrushes for him how about that.

Kim said...

LOL!!! I'm still laughing at my Mom's comment. Is it sad that after I saw she commented on my blog that I came right to yours to see what funny things she commented on yours. Imagine my suprise to see you finally updated! I've been checking at least twice a day. Cute post! I love the pictures. You are to funny! It meant so much to have you guys for Thanksgiving! We always love having you! I am already planning our trip to your house. I've figured out that we are not as brave as you, so we will be taking 2 days to drive up and back, but we will still have 4 full days there. I am planning on June. But then I got to thinking that the hot air balloon festival is in Alb. in Oct, so we could hit that on the way up or back. The only downfall would be having to wait longer to see you. I have several things to talk to you about, so I will be calling you in the morning....talk to you in a few hours :) Did I mention that I don't sleep anymore, yet I still can't get anything done. Ahhh!

Kim said...

Oh ya, love the Christmas music. Very nice :) Holy Moly, who wrote the book? Did I mention that I'm a little punch drunk from no sleep?

Emily said...

Fun trip. I love your girls on the horse, so cute. And the pic in the bath tub is adorable!

Laine said...

awwww, i'm grateful for YOU! Love your blog posts, always. And your photos!