a single mom

Yes. That is what I've been feeling like lately.

Joe's been swamped at work. It's the end of a big financial...thingy(?), he's still somewhat training a new hire and his most recent boss left a few weeks ago for another job. So, getting home around 8pm if not later has been the norm lately. But I've been managing everything fine. Well fine if you agree that that means lots of take out, piles and piles of laundry (oh laundry...don't let me get started on that!) and stacks of dirty dishes;) It's not my ideal way of life, but I understand. Joe's job is important. It is what provides for our family. The good news: Joe has earned a promotion.
But with a promotion comes a price. A price in more time. But we're excited for this new opportunity for him. We know that this is a blessing from Heavenly Father. So, I better settle into my new role as a single mom. At least he's home to brush their teeth and put them in bed before we start watching Friends reruns;)
Well, what has a *single mom* and her family been up to lately besides that never ending mountain of laundry and running kids to and from school? Lets see...
Painted the girls' room while Joey was gone for the week in Cali and Kansas. Not quite the color I was envisioning, even Marryn said it looked "gold." But I think I'm liking it. (Hopefully I'll get the shelves and *stuff* put up soon-then we can really tell if it looks good.)
Went to World Market with my 25% off coupon. Proceeded to stare at this table.
Bought some oil jars and left.
Finally finished the backyard. Well, finished for this season. All that dirt is just waiting for some plants.
Marryn had her 5 year check-up and 5 booster shots. 38 lbs - 50%, 44 inches - 75%
Christian had his 15 month check-up with only 4 shots. 21.10 lbs - 25%, 31 inches - 55% (at least he's getting a little taller...Joey's really worried he's going to get my short genes...)
Put up some Halloween decorations.
Got hit with some pretty cold frost and a little bit of snow.
Eating lots of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Vegan approved for Joey.
Had to get Marryn a new pair of school shoes. Her $10 Target brand maryjanes are just not holding up. Trying to find a solid white pair of sneakers was not easy. Nor pretty. She loves her no-tie curly q's though;)


6 happy thoughts:

Koenig Family Blog said...

Love LOVE your Halloween Decor! Did you make the sign? I want one!

I hear ya on being a single Mom for sure... Dave got home at 11pm last night and he says tonight will be the same... we will survive!

Jennifer said...

I can relate to your entire post! I feel like a single mom most often. Not only does my hubby work a full time job, he is trying to supplement his full time job with other projects and business. I get so stir crazy and with all the time I have to myself I don't get anything done!
I used to really look forward to the weekends to spend some time with Brandon. But most often its just me and the kiddos. Its just another two days to us. He is going to be busy or working. Now he works very hard to make extra money so I can not complain, but it makes me sad because I feel like he is missing so much. One day we are going to look forward and the kids will be grown.
Its funny because our evening ritual together is watching friends reruns! I laughed when I read this on your blog. We are so similar its crazy!!
Peanut butter and jelly is a staple in our house hold.
Oh how I wish you lived closer! I know we would be great friends and get to hang out a lot complaining of the same ailments..:)

LeighSabey said...

I LOVE your Halloween decorations! Did you make that banner? Too cute! I also love the girls' room color. I have the hardest time choosing wall colors and am in the middle of painting our family room...hopefully it will take me less than a year to finish (doubtful)!!

Jennifer said...

Oh and I love the wall color, its very rich!!

Kim said...

Your backyard looks great! Did you guys do the wall? Very cute. Is Joey still on the Vegan diet? CRAZY! I didn't know they made all white tennis shoes. That stinks, they show all the dirt. They are very cute though!

Oh, and short genes? We don't have short genes, do we? I think we are average :)

McMom said...

First, all the house stuff you've been up to is totally cute. And about the shoes . . . good choice. Nike's are the only brand we've come across in our 8 years of sending kids to school that actually last an entire school year. Too bad they cost so much.