an apology

As I was hanging out Sunday afternoon (Joe was at church teaching a lesson, I was home with three snot-nosed kids), after a nice weekend, I was thinking about my recent post of "a single mom." (If you're reading this on Facebook, you'll have to look it up on my blog. I needed to make a change and once it posts on Facebook, I can't change it-so it got deleted.)

I feel I need to apologize. Apologize to any actual single moms out there. And to those non-single moms who really are living a single life. I know that I am very fortunate. Right now the evenings are lonely without my hubs, but this is temporary. And weekends are still spent together.

My complaints of Joe working late hours are not because he's not here to help, I'm actually doing quite well (surprisingly), but no, they're because I miss him. There is nobody else I'd rather be with than him. That would be why I married him;) So to have the night fade upon me, and him not being home, well, it just makes me a little sad. I'm spoiled. I know.

So again, to those mothers who really are single or to those whose husbands work alot (weekends and all) or to that mother whose husband is the bishop;), I apologize for my petty complaints. I may not have it as great right now, but it could be worse.

As for today. Wonderful 70 degree weather. Lovin' our new patio (extended it from a 10x10 to a 15x17). The kids have been in and out all day. Literally. That's what Christian does. Goes out. Walks around. Throws a ball. Comes back in. Walks around. Then repeats the process. Love our sliding glass door (with screen) and big windows looking out back. Our last house had none, so I hesitated to send the kids out by themselves. The ice cream truck even made a stop in front of our house. I have never bought anything from him, but the girls were so excited and they did each get a dollar from Grandma in the mail today, so I let them pick out a Popsicle. Or course they only had a choice of 2 that were a dollar. Good thing they're little still;) And as for that mountain of laundry, it's gone. Almost. And all our pots and pans. Clean.

Today was a good day.

And Joe will be home early tonight. Broncos are on;)

4 happy thoughts:

Megan said...

Kelsey, we all go through different seasons where we feel like we are doing it on our own. It is hard when your kids are little and you feel up to your eyeballs in kid "stuff". It is not petty. But it is temporary. I loved this post. You said it perfectly that you rather be there with him. I have found myself saying "i am not doing it alone. i know i am not alone. i just don't want to do it without him.". Thank goodness for the Bronco's. Enjoy your monday night football. ~ M

Kim said...

Too funny about the Broncos. cute post though. There's nothing like a great day to make you smile and realize how great life is.

Jennifer said...

No appologies needed here..We all have ups and downs and we are all in this together!!! Talking about it is good for the soul and your heart..WE all have to be able to vent it helps out immensely!! <3

Emily said...

Ha, ha. Don't appalogize. Just speak from your heart, that is what a blog is for right? I love your honesty!