end of a good day

So that good day I was talking about. Yeah, it ended. At about 1am. Reganne came into our room, a common practice of hers, came to my side and as I reached over to pull her up, she proceeded to throw up all over me.


We hopped in the shower, Joey cleaned up the bed. Made a little bed out of thick bathmats next to us and by 2ish, we were wide awake.

Reganne quickly fell back asleep and slept fine. She woke up asking for food. I hesitated, but after a call to the doctor, gave her a little. She has no fever, acting fine. Then as Marryn and I sat down for lunch, she came over, begging for more food and then threw up again.

Still no fever, acting like herself and laughing at the cartoons.

Good thing I managed to finish all the laundry last night;) Got a butt load to do now.


4 happy thoughts:

Jennifer said...

Oh no..Hope she gets better..Nothing worse than a sick kiddo..Hugs!!

Kim said...

Yuck! I hate sick kids. It freaks me out first of all because I always think of the worst, and then I hate dealing with the clean up. Poor girl. Give her hugs!

The King Family said...

The joys of being a Mother. I guess you have never been a Mother if you have been puked on. :) Sorry about that!

Melissa King said...

Oh no! That is horrible! I think I would cry! I hope everyone is feeling better now.