How's that joke go?

What did the daddy tomato say to the baby tomato as he was getting behind? Ketchup!

ha ha

This seems to be my life right now. Trying to catch up on everything.

So maybe someday, someday soon hopefully, I'll get some posts up. Until then, know that I'm sitting here, trying to decide what I should be doing;)

3 happy thoughts:

Jennifer said...

That is exactly where I am at..I should be cleaning, organizing, socializing, doing something..But here I sit..lol...It will get better..I think sometimes us stay at home moms fall into a rut and have hard days..At least taking your daughter to school should get you out of your pj's every day:) If I didn't have to get out I don't know that I would be..ha ha..

G'Ma Jean said...

Until you "ketch-up", whatever that is to you, we will wait patiently for your next post! Perhaps you could clone yourself one or two times!! XO

Kim said...

Amen! How can school through such a wrench in things!