fourth and friends

We had a great Fourth of July. Brian and Brandony came down and celebrated with us. It rained almost all day which was alright with me, less chance of our neighbors setting our house on fire with all their fireworks. We decided not to try to find any firework shows and just hang out, setting off our own little ones. It was great. The kids loved it.
And no, that isn't poop we're burning, those are the snakes fireworks. Or *worms* as Marryn called them. They were her and Dad's favorites;)

2 happy thoughts:

G'Ma Jean said...

Looks like fun....GREAT family photo!!

Kim said...

Fun stuff! One of these years hopefully you will be here swimming and partying with us. However, the cool weather sounds more appealing. Maybe one of these years we will be partying with you :)