Project 365-Week 15

Sunday, April 5th
Homemade cinnamon rolls for General Conference.
Monday, April 6th
That evening, Christian's eyes were gooping up!:( And we were told if he got pink eye, he needed to be brought in (unlike Marryn). And of course the office was closed, so I took him down to our local Urgent Care. Fortunately, nothing more than pink eye. Instead of drops though, they gave us a cream to wipe across his eyes. Good thing. By about the 2nd time we did it, he knew what he was in for and would just squeeze his eyes shut. There was no way eye drops would have gotten in there.
This was also the day (as I was filling out the date at the urgent care) that I remembered that I forgot my brother's birthday. It was on Saturday.... Happy Birthday John!
Tuesday, April 7th

Ah, another avocado fan.
Wednesday, April 8th
Now that Christian is sitting up really well, I was willing to let him share a bath. They had a lot of fun. I missed the picture I really wanted though. Christian was faced the other way and Reganne laid on her belly next to him. He then put his arm around her. It was so cute.
Thursday, April 9th

After a day of constantly pulling her pants up (pulling them up from her ankles...) Joey finally clothes pinned them up. This girl has gotten so tall and so skinny lately. These are girls' size 4-5 sweats. They are just barely the right length and well, way to big around the waist. It's a funny thing though. Although you'd never guess it now, that was exactly how I was growing up. Not just at 4, but *almost* throughout high school as well. That's where different sized waists AND lengths came in handy. But poor Marryn. Her 4 slims are still sliding off her little waist while the bottom hems keep creeping up.
Friday, Apri 10th

Grandma Jean's Easter package arrived. Inside, 2 pairs of 'clipity-clop' shoes. Of course they still fight over them. And Marryn insists on wearing socks with them. They're flip flop ones. Ouch.
Saturday, April 11th
Egg dying day. It was suppose to happen on Friday (to celebrate the Easter Bunny on Saturday, Christ on Sunday) but it just didn't work out. Nevertheless, the girls had a great time dying their one dozen eggs. Actually, it was quite anti climatic. It would have been fun to dye more, but we really didn't want a ton of hard boiled eggs to eat.

5 happy thoughts:

christy said...

i love all your pictures from these posts. the cinnamon rolls look so yummy and it looks like your kids had lots of fun with their cousins.

Ashli Dardenne said...

Those cinnamon rolls look REALLY GOOD!

Amparo said...

Those cinnamon rolls look so delicious! Are you going to share the recipe?

Emily said...

Yep, it's the cinnamon rolls that caught my eye too! Please share, (as in the real rolls, not just the recipe.) Just kidding, the recipe will have to do.

Kim said...

Good gracious lady. I'm going to have to stay up half the night to catch up on all your post!
Let's see....
I am now hungry after looking at the cinnamon rolls again.
That totally sucks about the pink eye, I HATE PINK EYE!
Love avocado's, hopefully they don't make his throat itchy...just kidding
Love shared bathes, makes me feel like I'm multitasking. What cuties!
To funny about the clothes pin, that is definetly not one we have tried. She is a little bean pole.
LOVE those shoes, I would wear those if they came in my size!
Your eggs look ridiculously perfect. Didn't you let the girls draw on them at all? It's ok, let go :)