Project 365-Week 14

Sunday, March 29th

We said our sad goodbyes and left the warm weather. The trip is almost all interstate except for about 4ish hours of back roads up through Payson to Holbrook. The first part is over some dipping hills. We were having a little bit of fun with the 'arms up for the rollercoaster dip.' (These are from my cell phone...the one of PHOENIX I just couldn't get just right...)
Monday, March 30th
We arrived home at about 1:30 am. (Yes, we left a little later than planned...) The first thing I noticed when I walked into our house was how bare my walls were! No pictures, no shelves, no curtains, nothing. So I finally put up some shelves with my new plaque I picked up at Costco down in Mesa. Even Marryn noticed a difference in our home compared to Kim's. She walked around all day commenting on how small everything was. (Our kitchen table, our living room, our...trashcan?)
Tuesday, March 31st
Put the finishing touches on one of my scrapbook pages I had created. Stapled on the felt stars. Couldn't do it at Kim's because she only had green staples. lol.
Wednesday, April 1st
I wish it was an April's Fool Joke, but I woke up feeling like crap. I was getting over my cold, or so I thought.... So the kids did their own things. Which for the girls included fighting over the cute new doodle pro I found (on clearance) at Frys (the AZ version of King Soopers or Kroger).
Thursday, April 2nd
Again I woke up feeling pretty yucky, so Joey called in sick (he too wasn't feeling great...) and I made a doctor's appointment. Only problem: don't have a doctor yet. But the place down the street managed to squeeze me in nevertheless. But before I could even go, what do you know, Reganne's eye started gooping up...so took her into her doctor as well. In addition to her pink eye, she also had some minor ear infections. This is her first non-well child visit. Not bad. She has also grown an inch and a half since her birthday in Oct. 36.5 inches. She's so stinkin tall! Wears the size 3s Marryn wore last year... Anywho, after all appointments and a trip to the Pharmacy, I came home with 5 medications. Two for Reganne, antibiotics and eye drops and three for me, antibiotics (sinus infections), a nasal spray (for allergies I apparently now have) and stuff for my migraines. By that night however, both Marryn and I were using the eye drops as well...
Friday, April 3rd
My Mesa Temple picture I had ordered arrived! I found this picture a few years ago and knew it was the one I wanted (that's where we were sealed). But it was way WAY too much (like $450 too much...). But then there they were, on display at a Costco down in Mesa. Not just half off, but a TON off. And then they shipped it to me for free! I just need to find some more colorful accessories to put up on my mantle with it...;)
Saturday, April 4th
General Conference. I had printed off a little General Conference packet for the girls to do, and they spent the first session having fun coloring.

3 happy thoughts:

Koenig Family Blog said...

love, Love, LOVE the temple picture & frame! I REALLY want one of the Oakland temple just like that! I am now on a quest...

Amparo said...

You are so crafty, where do you find the time and the patience? You did a great job decorating.

Kim said...

What fun to come home sick. Geez. Your pictures look great! Good chose!