Project 365-Week 16

Easter Sunday, April 12th

The girls and their finds!
Monday, April 13th

Well, she did it! Went all day without going in her pull-up (we went out, so she had on a pull-up, you know, just in case;). And she does it all on her own. We are just so impressed with how well she did and how easy it went! A little trick I came up with; double up underwear (making it thicker-more absorbent) or layer underwear under a diaper or pull-up, it's less messy and they know right away when they go!
Tuesday, April 14th
Christian's first tooth is now bustin' thru! And no problems whatsoever!
Wednesday, April 15th
So here we are, days after Easter and yet Marryn is still wearing her bunny ears....
Thursday, April 16th

Well, Grandpa Dave was suppose to come up, but when Reganne woke up with pink eye once again (grrrrr!), he decided against it. Marryn was really upset and completely broke down when I told her, so I promised them ice cream after Christian's 9 month check-up. (Awful, I know. Don't judge me.)
So, while driving, Reganne dropped her spoon. I told her she was going to have to wait until we stopped and she started whining about how she couldn't eat it with her fingers. Not long later I turned around and yes indeed she could eat it with her fingers...as well as lick it out of the bowl.... Funny, the reason they got bowls and not cones was for the mess....
Friday, April 17th
We got a ton of really wet snow. Christian loved watching it fall. It was gone by Saturday, despite how the snow was still falling....
Saturday, April 18th
Christian's singing us a song. Cross-eyed.

1 happy thoughts:

Kim said...

Yeah Reganne!!! That is so exciting! She is so cute! As are all your kids! I miss you guys! Reganne better not forget me!

Crazy about the snow. I can't even imagine. Wait, I bet that was the day I wished I wore pants to wyatt's baseball practice instead of shorts...he, he, he. There are still lots of houses for sale here.