the hunt

We were not ready for the Easter Bunny to come on Saturday, so instead he had to brave the snow and come on Sunday. The girls were super excited. Marryn seemed like she was up at the crack of dawn (of which we made her lay in bed with us until we were ready to get up). They found the carrot cookies almost all gone as well as the carrot sticks (per Marryn's request "I think the Easter Bunny would like some carrots.") And they also found some fun presents he left. Reganne's favorite being "another Move It Move It movie" (aka Madagascar 2). They also each got a little something from Grandma Georgia and Papa, some baking and ice cream toys! We didn't make it to church though. So much for the cute Easter outfits they all got. Christian was still getting over his pink eye (yes, just as I thought we all were over it, he got it!), Marryn was having major meltdowns and Reganne was in the mists of being potty trained. To top it off, it as snowing like crazy. So I stayed home with the kids and Joey went by himself.

2 happy thoughts:

Laura said...

Super cute! Somehow Easter turned into Christmas at our house - you should have seen all the loot we came home with - it was insane!

Amparo said...

Those some of the cutest easter pics I have seen yet! Love the bunny ears, how did you get them to keep them on?