Project 365-Week 13

Sunday, March 22nd

After a scrapbook crop on Saturday night, Kim and I were all into it.
Monday, March 23rd

Isn't this the coolest thing ever! It is a mesh cover for their pool that the kids can literally crawl all over! I had some better shots of Maylee, out over the middle of the pool, but I am still learning how to shoot the bright outdoors on my camera...:(
Tuesday, March 24th

Christian finally gets to meet his Papa!
(That's my dad.)
Wednesday, March 25th

When my parents came down from Kingman, they brought my sweet little niece Dehcaley (who's almost 3).
Wow. Seven kids under 5. And we took them all out to dinner!
The older 5 are cooling their feet in the waterfall of the pool.
Thursday, March 26th

For Christmas, Kim and Steve got my kids gift cards, so we decided to wait until we came down to use them with them. Here are the older kids putting the *love* into their bear hearts.
Friday, March 27th

We spent the day at the zoo and met up with my best friend Lexie and her sweet little (big) guy Caden. He was turning 2 the next day and then she is having a little girl in July!
Saturday, March 28th

While in Az, Joe and Steve got to see 3 Spring Training games. (In addition to a Suns vs Nuggets game.) This pic is of Josh Hamilton. You know, the cleaned up drug addict who was killing it in the home run derby but then lost in the final round...

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