spring break

Like I said, we had a great time in Mesa. The weather was excellent, got to wear capris and flip flops...ah, my favorite. It was really hard to leave. Although I'm sure our hosts were glad to see up leave...;) Left their house a mess, hogged their washing machine (it's a really nice front loading one), BROKE their washing machine (okay, didn't actually break it...just messed it up a bit...) and made their kids cry (Joey caught Maylee squirting juice all over Kim's purse and got after her...I think she was a little taken back by it). Nevertheless, can't wait to go back! If they'll have us that is.
They'll have too though, Kim is Reganne's new BFF;)

Quick story about Wyatt's bear. They were having a hard time coming up with a name, so I suggested 'Varsity' (because that's what was on it's shirt-how original, I know) and so that's what they named him. I was feeling pretty proud to have a part in it. But by the time we got back to the house, the bear had a new name. Shampoo. Yes, my name suggestion was replace by the name 'Shampoo'.
And by the way, Marryn named her bear Princess Belle and Reganne, all on her own, named her bunny, Hop Hop. Isn't that cute!

And another quick story. Did you get that phone call from Marryn Grandpa Dave? She was calling you to tell you about the zebras.

2 happy thoughts:

Kim said...

Really... the one of my rear...Really? Otherwise, cute pictures!

Kim said...

LOL... I just read the words. You are too funny. You make out worse than it was. We had a great time! We would have you back anytime..IF YOU WOULD COME! It's like pulling teeth getting you down here. :) I guess it is our turn to come though.