Project 365-Week 12

Sunday, March 15th

The gentle playfulness of Reganne. Jamming Christian's plug into his mouth, even though he was just fine without it... (and yes, the color is off in the pic-had the camera on the wrong setting...)
Monday, March 16th

Time-Out for Reganne.
We usually use a spot downstairs, but we were upstairs and she did something bad, so I told her to go to time out. I later found her on the middle landing of the stairs with her nose pressed tightly into the corner. Good girl. (?)
Tuesday, March 17th

Happy St. Pat's Day!
Christian was just not having a good day.
Neither did Marryn.
We were walking along at Michaels and suddenly Marryn just screamed. And I mean screamed. I asked her what happened, because as far as I could see, nothing, and she couldn't tell me either, but kept grabbing her back. I lifted up her shirt to find Reganne's teeth marks in the middle of her back.
Yes, Reganne decided to bite Marryn for no apparent reason.
But then, she does have some sort of vampire grin in this pic...
Wednesday, March 18th

Well, haven't gotten the official picture yet, but Joey got braces!
Thursday, March 19th

Again, didn't get a picture in the rush to get things packed for our trip, but I managed to squeeze in a haircut at my favorite salon. Although for some reason all the Aveda Spas and Salons in Colo Springs are just called Veda. (?)
Friday, March 20th

Finally, packed and loaded. Ready for the 12+ hour trip to Mesa!
Took us 14 hours. But was really a good trip. Other than the pit stop outside of Pueblo when Marryn threw up...you know, along the straight and smooth interstate...did just fine along the curvy, dipping road right outside of Mesa...
Saturday, March 21st
Here is Christian at 8 months, sitting with my little cousin Madalyn who is 15 months. It was even funnier when she'd get up and walk. They are literally the same size! And then Marryn (4) is the same height as Wyatt (5), and Reganne I believe was even a little taller than Maylee (who will be 4 in Aug-Reganne will be 3 at the end of Oct...). My aunt just grows them small. Or I grow them large...?

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Amparo said...

I can't believe time out works for Reagan. My girls just laugh at me when I tell them to go to timeout on the steps.