all hallows eve

(Yes, this will be another picture overload.)
Our little Butterflies.



And last stop, home (and yes, that is Brian and Brandony with us).

6 happy thoughts:

The Simon Fam said...

What sweet little butterflies! I'm still hoping to have a little girl someday so I can have that pleasure of dressing them up as girlie things! (Although Alex really adores butterflies!)

Kim said...

SO CUTE!!!! I love, Love the butterflies!! Maybe I could use those in a couple of years for my girls! Your girls are so adorable!! I'm glad you had good weather too. (a little taste of what it is like in Arizona)

I'm still working on my post, check tomorrow night :) goodnight! :)

Kathy and Ryan said...

OH my goodness Joey. The kids are sooooo cute! You guys look great. And Kelsey...I am going to take notes of your scrapbooking! Looks awesome.

The King Family said...

Cute kids! I love their little butterfly "antennae". So lucky Brian and Brandony got to come visit you again. That is so nice of them.

Amparo said...

I absolutely love their costumes. They are the prettiest butterflies I have ever seen.

The King Family said...

I bet you made that little Halloween banner too, didn't you? Creative and so cute!