motorcycles and bottles

Marryn is such a girly-girl, all things Princess and dress-up and dancing. But every once in awhile, she surprises us...

She's racing her motorcycles, the first three are Sonic toys (the only toys I have ever kept -or probably will keep- from a wacky pak meal) and the forth is a Harley-Davidson toy her grandpa gave her. She'd line them up and then one by one would "race" them across the floor into the kitchen. The winner, anyone who finished. She would have to throw a little girl into the mix though, and do a little dance at the end. In the last picture she was asking me to "quick taking pictures so [she could] just race."

The other night, Christian was constantly wanting to nurse and getting frustrated that well, after a few hours, wasn't getting anything. So I thought it might be a good time to introduce a bottle, for "just in case" times. I defrosted some milk and had Joey do the honors. He did not like it one bit. After a couple tries, he just started to cry. I even tried the next day. It was a no go. Oh well.

1 happy thoughts:

Kim said...

I guess there is some hope that it won't be all makeup and dress up for Christian. I do love the little dance at the end, so cute!

Christian is more like his Dad than I thought, only wants the boob! he, he, just kidding. You are a better woman than me, after about 6 months I am welcoming a bottle for a break now and then.