grandma georgia and aunt bernice

My mom and aunt flew up for a week long visit. My parents live on a ranch in Northern Arizona (Bernice in the Phoenix area), so we don't get to see them nearly as much as we would like. It was so much fun to have them up here. My mom is my number one shopping companion (Kim [another aunt], you're a very close second-only because I can usually get Mom to buy me stuff), so we shopped and shopped. We spent time here in Colo Springs, drove up to Castle Rock and visited the outlets and also went up to Manitou Springs. We ate out, ate in and just hung out. It was so great to have that extra 2 sets of hands. Marryn really enjoyed being with Grandma Georgia; she, on her very own, created a "beauty salon" and my mom was her client. Even made her pay for the services. (My mom later bought her a Barbie Salon Kit so Marryn wouldn't have to use the bug catcher and mini fan as stand-ins.) Bernice was alot of fun too. Paid for much of our food and even bought Joey a bunch of steaks as his "prize." (The rest of us got clothes.) She loves to talk, so we would just sit and chat away. It was sad to see them go, and for many reasons (the extra help, the company, the excuse to eat out and shop and of course, knowing that I don't know when I'll see them again...)

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Kim said...

SO CUTE!!!! The pictures are adorable! I know how much fun you guys must have had from experience. I'm so sad I couldn't be there. I will come soon (hopefully before Christian starts crawling). We miss you guys so much! I think of you daily! Love you!

megan said...

Those are the cutest kids. I love, love the beauty salon. What a dolly. I love grandmas. It sounds like you guys are enjoying the springs. We "vacationed" there a lot when Matt would go for week long training things. There are a lot of really cool things to do. ~ Megan

The King Family said...

Looks like you've had a lot of company. She sure looks like a cute Grandma. That is so fun. AND, fun that the Lesser's came to visit.

mrboma said...


I just wanted to ask where you came up with the name Marryn. The reason I ask is that my wife's name is Marryn, and we have only twice heard of anyone else with the same spelling. My wife is named after Marin County, California, but her parents got creative with the spelling. So, she pronounces it with the accent on the second syllable, not the first, and goes by "Ryn" for short.

My wife always complains that she can never find items with her name on them, so I created some at Zazzle.com. I even made her a logo; a star made out of M's: