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I've been talking alot about the pregnancy and baby lately, not that it isn't important, but I thought I'd share a few pictures and stories of the girls, who are just as important, before everything changes....

Where's Reganne?
There she is!

Marryn LOVES to shower in our shower. This was Reganne's first time and Marryn was showing her all the "cool" things about it.
Like, you can make handprints on the glass walls.
I got in with them, cleaned them up and then sent them on their way in their towels. I usually do this for Marryn and she gets herself lotioned and dressed. Reganne decided to do the same...
(Yes, they are on backwards as well.)
Ah, that's better. All dressed.
Time to dance!

And play Ring Around the Rosies!

Oh, you're hurt? Here, let me give you a kiss.
Come on Marryn, lets play some more or I'll tickle you!
We love our new Organic Teddy Bears!

So this last picture, of Marryn posing, brings me to a quick story. As mentioned earlier, Marryn loves to shower in our shower. One day, I sent her upstairs to get undressed while I finished up something. When I came up, I found her naked, standing on the tub surround, dancing. And, watching herself in the mirror. She had a "special dance" she said. She'd put her hands on her hips and shake them, turn around and kick her leg. I asked her where she learned to dance like that, "Grandma Georgia" (and in that tone that was like, "duh Mom"). Thanks Mom. Our 3- year old has discovered her calling in life....

5 happy thoughts:

Koenig Family Blog said...

Your girls are so cute! I will be thinking about you tomorrow- I am so jealous, I am feeling ready to be done now! We are having a boy, it is SO HARD to come up with a third boys name.. We have two names... not sure yet, I think we will wait until we see him. Anyways, good luck tomorrow, I hope the delivery is smooth and you get pain-relief! Can't wait to see pics of him ;)

Kim said...

Hilarious!!!! That is so funny about Marryn's dancing. Your Mom is going to have a heart attack that you put that. Thanks for the picture updates! the girls are so cute!!! Can't wait to see your son!

The King Family said...

Your girls are adorable and look so happy! It looks like they get along so well. They are going to love the new little addition. Hope things are going well.

Janis said...

I just got the best call from Grandma Jean - that I am a great aunt to a healthy baby boy!! Welcome to the world Christian David Poll - I can't wait to meet you!!
While Jean and I were talking Reganne and Marryn were dancing (I was singing on the speaker phone and I hope none of your crystal broke!) and your recent blog photos of the girls complete the picture for me.
Much love to you all, Aunt Janis

Jessie said...

I just read the comment from Janis! YeAH!!! Oh I hope everything went well and I am so glad that little Christian is healthy. I can't wait to see pictures of him. Hope you are feeling well too Kelsey. Congrats~ Megan

Just a little side note~ Christian is my favorite, favorite boy name. When I was younger Christian was the name I wanted for my baby boy, well until I married a krenz and it just doesn't roll off the tongue. Love it.