9 months

So, Reganne is nearing her 10 month mark and I have yet to get her "9 month portraits" done. With Marryn I was so faithful in taking her to a studio at 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 months. They were pretty descent pictures, but not exactly what I really wanted and they cost a ton! So back when Reganne was 6 months, I set her up one day and took some pictures of her. I loved them so much that I decided not to do the studio thing and just take them myself.

Well at 6 months, she was just starting to sit...at 9 months she very much mobile. I've tried on a couple occasions to get some pictures and it is just not working! Most of them turn out blurry as she's crawling away...but I have gotten some really funny ones.

Today was an overcast day, so thinking I'd seize the moment and take Reganne outside I rushed to get her dressed as Marryn was staring out the window telling me the dark clouds are coming. And you know what dark clouds mean. Rain. As soon as I opened the door, it came pouring down. Maybe tomorrow...

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