why this blog

I started a blog months (a year?) ago, but never really got it up and going. But after viewing a couple friends' tonight, I got excited to start up again. I spend so much time on the computer anyhow, might as well make good use of it! Despite my best intentions, I rarely write anything down and the girls are just growing so fast, that I feel that I'm "missing" everything already. I love to scrapbook, yet, never really get around to it. So my hope is that, besides letting friends and family into our little everydays, our family blog will serve as our family journal. Something I can pull memories from to, one day, put into scrapbooks.

1 happy thoughts:

Matt and Megan said...

Your blog is so beautiful. I love the pj's thing, i can totally relate. You guys have the cutest dang family. I look forward to watching your blog. ~ Megan