photo shoot: liam

I took these photos f-o-r-e-v-e-r ago of my friend's new not-so-little baby.  
Remember Claire?  This is her little brother.  
I've had a hard time getting them ready.  I think I was expecting to end up with newborn-newborn pictures.  Which I've learned, really only work when the baby is under 2 weeks old.  Liam was 1 month.  And HUGE!  So my *posing* was not great.  And then the editing.  I wanted to smooth him up a little, but I'm not the best at editing and every time I pulled some out and went to work, he ended up looking like a porcelain doll.  I wanted him to have this gorgeous baby smooth skin, but realistic looking skin...I hope I struck a good balance.

And of course some seventies action going on...  I think I love this action so much because it naturally smooths out the skin. ;)
Love this one... Yeah, I'm big.  And I'm tough.

4 happy thoughts:

LeighSabey said...

I LOVE THEM!!!!!! Wow, he has grown SO much since then! (That's not a comment meaning that you took a long time with them, haha, I'm just saying he's even huger now!). THANK YOU!!! My favorites are the seventies one under the white blanket and the sleeping one. Thanks again, Kelsey!

Megan {Honey We're Home} said...

You captured two of my favorite things on a baby- their hands and feet! These photos are gorgeous. I can see how posing an baby over 2 weeks old could be a little tough, babies are so squirmy! I really like that second to the last one in the plush blanket.

Kim said...

Love the sleeping one...so cute and the seventies one. I saw some newborn photos the other day that reminded me of you...but the baby was only a week old. It is funny how they can still be so little but that 2 weeks can make a big difference when your trying to take their picture.

rebecca said...

so adorable...I think you did a fantastic job!! :)