ward hunt


So Tuesday, on the most beautiful day, we had our little ward Easter Egg Hunt. 
And it was not without a little drama. 
Can you guess from who?

First thing, we were late.  You should NEVER be late to an egg hunt.  The girls couldn't find their other easter basket.  (I found it, right where I told them to look.)  So we get there about 10 minutes late, but as we walk up, sure everything is found, a few other moms greet me.  These ladies are pros.  Every child was only suppose to get only 12 eggs (the 12 *donated* for each kid by the parents).  So they were pointing left and right where eggs still were, one mom even giving me her son's bag of eggs (Thanks Lindsay!)  So as I plopped those on the ground for Christian, who LOVED it, the girls took off towards the playset with empty baskets in tow.  Not long later I hear a thump and a scream as a mom runs towards the playset.

Yes.  It was Marryn.

She fell right off the little 3 foot slide. 
And was pretty tramatized by it.
But to be fair, (I didn't see it-so glad I didn't), the moms who did said she fell pretty hard. 

So there I am, 9 months pregnant holding my 5 year old trying to calm her down. 
I finally set her down to look her over when she sees it. 
A drop of blood.
Oh man.
Seriously, it was only a tiny scrape from the woodchips. 
So then starts the next round of screams.

Then I realize, where are my other kids?
I frantically look around to see that I was in good hands.  One mom had taken Reganne and was helping her find some eggs while Miranda, one of our Young Women had Christian, helping him with his eggs.  And well, the same mom who ran to Marryn's aid was running to her car (with her own little kids in tow) for a band-aid. 

Well, it took Marryn awhile, (and that band-aid, some alone time hunting for eggs, and some chocolate) and then she was back to playing.

Although neither girl wanted to stop for a picture.  Can you tell?

And now, as promised, some pictures of Christian's haircut.
(Just a little side note, Joey cut it with his beard trimmer, and no, Christian was not too thrilled about it and well, wouldn't exactly hold still.  But we love it!  He totally looks like a little boy now.)

He was really into finding the eggs. 
But then he discovered the candy in them.
And that was that.

These last pictures makes me cringe...eating jelly beans off a dirty park table...but by that point, I was in a "whatever" mood;).

4 happy thoughts:

Jennifer said...

How fun! I can sympathize with you..We are late to EVERYTHING. I think the only thing we make it to on time is Church. Thankfully!! I strive to be one of the prepared mom's but it never works out that way and in the end I end up feeling stupid. Like my momma skills could be a little better. I even get advice from those that don't have children. Sigh!
Eeeeeww, on the Jelly beans! The hair is adorable~~ You go momma!!

Rhitzclan said...

Sounds like an adventure for sure! Thank goodness for great friends. Happy Easter and good luck with the delivery!

Lindsay said...

It was a good day for ouchies. Just before we left Jackson fell off of the metal table and his tooth went through his lip. I also love that picture below of Reganne, she is a beauty!

Emily Pitts said...

ok, now i'm seriously curious. i live in thornton, are you anywhere close? because if you are, we need to be friends and crop together. after you have your baby of course :) good luck with that! how exciting for you and your family! email me sometime k?