christmas overload

Meeting with the Big Guy. And *adding* to their lists....
My new tree skirt. Last year's clearance.
And my festive black, red and green wrapping. I love it!
Our newest ornament. Courtesy our Home and Visiting Teachers!
At Grandpa Dave's. Playing with the dog's toy. All the kids' favorite - a rubber chicken.
Disobeying and sliding down the stair wall.
And it didn't take long to find the colorings.
Christmas Morning.
Look what Santa brought!
A Barbie Horse (and Barbie clothes).
A Barbie Horse (and Princess and the Frog toys...she asked for the actual movie-even Santa isn't that good;).
Let 'er rip!
New shirts! I needed these!
This is boring. Can I just eat my candy now?
But wait! What is this?? A new trike??
Ah, that's better.
Grandpa's creative wrapping. And Marryn's creative unwrapping.

And a kiss for the Princess. Or would that be for the Frog....

Finally, double digit weather. Time for some sledding.
{I still bust up laughing when I look at these!}
But what a good sport (surprisingly). She hopped on again.

Some fast sledding with Dad.

Grandpa showing them how to make and throw snowballs.

Making snow angels (and of course she picked out a spot right next to the mailbox post...).
Okay, so does anyone else have problems with Blogger and how it annoying the spacing of words and pictures can be??? I've been working on this post waaaaayyyy longer than I should be and it's still not how I want it!!! Grrrrr!!!

6 happy thoughts:

Jennifer said...

Way cute!! Hope things are good. So glad to see you had a good Christmas. I do wish you lived closer. I think we would have fun complaining about all the undone things and how much we love our children and they make us crazy:)
How's every thing else going? you can message me on FB

MK said...

Amen on being annoyed with blogger. It's been wierd for me for some time now, that's why I don't post as much. Don't have time for its games.

WAY fun and cute Christmas pictures. I adore your wrapping, you are so talented. Merry Christmas!

Ali said...

I love your tree skirt and presents-- they are so lovely and pretty to look at :) Your Christmas looked like it was tons of fun-- and your kids are such little qt's.

The only thing I can think of with blogger is they have updated to a new editor so if your using the old editor them updating it might have made some bugs in the old one--- to change to the new editor just go to your settings page and it's on there-- it lets you upload all the pics you want in your post and than place them in where you want and size them after you've placed them-- don't know if that'll help or not?

Kim said...

Great pictures as always! Looks like fun. I'm so jealous you played in the snow on Christmas! Someday I'll have a white Christmas, I'll have to leave Arizona to do it, but someday we will have a white Christmas. Madalyn got that same tricycle (but it is pink and purple). We missed you at Christmas. Everyone was there but you and John (42 people total) Crazy as always, but Fun.

Rhitzclan said...

I always love looking at your blog. What a totally fun day you had!!

Emily said...

Great pictures. Do Raegan and Christian look exactly alike, or is it just me? On your Christmas card they could be twins, (a few years apart.) The remind me SO much of Colter and Grace. Beautiful kids you have. Do I always tell you that?