five, finally

Ah, September 8th finally arrived. Although the *party* started days before;)

We drove up to Sheridan for Labor Day (another mandatory Friday off for Joe) and decided to give Marryn a little party there with Chris's grandkids. (That would be Joe's dad's girlfriend;) Grandpa got her a cake, Chris got her a butterfly balloon and we picked out some Hello Kitty birthday supplies and headed to the park. It was a beautiful evening and the kids had a blast.
"This is the BEST birthday ever!" is what we heard.

Especially after she opened her Hello Kitty umbrella.
Then on her actual birthday, she had school. So we made Rainbow Chip Cupcakes to share with her class and she got to hold the Birthday Bear all day long! And that evening, she got to come with me to Mutual (well, they all had to actually) where our activity was going mini golfing. She loved it. And thought it was all for her;)
Then that night, yes at like 9pm, she finally opened the majority of her presents.
Her fav? Her Zebra Snuggie she's been asking for for months.

2 happy thoughts:

Emily said...

Really? Just barely 5? I swear she has seemed 5 for 3 years. She is so smart and grown up and beautiful.

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Marryn! Looks like she had a very fun birthday. Yikes, 5!! How do these kids get so big so fast!