could it be

A curl?
And those eyelashes. Is that even fair?

6 happy thoughts:

The Simon Fam said...

seriously, huh? So beautiful!

Jennifer said...

Yep both my boys have crazy long eyelashes too..So unfair..I put Mascara on both of them just for fun one day and they were insanely long!
Such a cutie!!

DM said...

Hi Kelsey! Thanks for the link to my website. I love your blog. I'm going to add a link on our family blog page because you always find good photography stuff. Cute pictures too! On my photography blog I'm going to start putting up tips every Tuesday (although you will probably already be familiar with most of what I'll have to offer).



JanisKPC said...

Christian David is a handsome little guy just like his Dad!
Please give 'Joe' a Happy Birthday hug from Aunt Janis! I am wondering what you are doing to celebrate his special day. I bet the girls are making cards and helping you bake a cake!?

Kim said...

Cute pictures. Happy Birthday Joey!

Melissa King said...

How sad is it that the boys always get the eyelashes?! So cute! And I love the curls. Cody had curls and I didn't want to cut them off, until he got a mullet...they never grew back! :(