Project 365-Week 18

Sunday, April 26th

Well, 2 weeks AFTER Easter, the kids finally were all well enough to go to church and wear their Easter best. I actually had them all ready in time (Joey had left for Pennsylvania early that morning) and thought I'd get a quick picture. Didn't work. Not only is it impossible to get all 3 kids looking and smiling, but after looking over the pictures, I realized I had the camera on manual focus (I though it was on auto) and they were out of focus in every pic! And by then, they were done.
Monday, April 27th
So with Reganne in underwear full time, she's having a little problem keeping her 3T pants up...
Tuesday, April 28th
Reganne had a nap today (see Week 17...). So here she is, up late with me, *helping* me sort through my scrapbook stuff. I enjoyed the company though. I hate when Joey's gone.
Wednesday, April 29th
Marryn made a fun discovery today. I had put Christian in his walker thing in their playroom (to keep him occupied for a little bit longer...) and then later she pushed him out back onto the wood floors. And what do you know, he can push himself now! Well, he can push himself backwards under the kitchen table...;)
Thursday, April 30th
We went to Target today. I'm a sucker for the dollar bins, and today the girls got little coloring/sticker books. Marryn proceeded to walk around *singing* from her book.
Friday, May 1st
Yeah! Daddy came home tonight! And he brought the girls some fun presents, pig noses from the baseball game he went to, the Triple A team IronPigs. Any Office fans out there? Joey goes to Allentown, PA which is right next to Scranton. Just a little useless info;)
Saturday, May 2nd
Yard Sale! I love yard sales. Not going to them (yes it's that whole, I like new things...see Week 17 post again), but having them. I hate clutter and well, stuff. We took 3 car fulls of junk to the Goodwill (after having a yard sale) before we moved, yet here we are a year later with more junk! Our HOA put it on, all we had to do was put out our stuff, so Friday I had everything ready to go and then Saturday we woke up and could hardly see past our driveway. I "opened" up anyways and made $168! Not too shabby. And I love when people get excited over something you would have thrown out;)

2 happy thoughts:

Melissa King said...

Hey! I know where you shop! My kids have those clothes! (well, not exactly the same, but close). Yea for yard sales. I am working on one now.

Amparo said...

Raegan looks like she is really enjoying the pig nose. How did you get her to keep it on.