To my Mom
Thank you for teaching me, especially how to clean.
Thank you for being so stinkin' funny and fun to be with.
Thank you for supporting me, even when you don't agree with my choices.
Thank you for being a great mom to me, and those darn boys.
Thank you for the example of how to be a mom and a wife.
Thank you for loving me.

To my Pun-kins
Thank you for making me a mom.

Thank you for insisting I brush your teeth and read you stories.
Thank you for listening to me, most of the time.

Thank you for going shopping with me, even when you really just want to go back home.
Thank you for the snuggles and the kisses.
Thank you for loving me. And telling me so.

8 happy thoughts:

Melissa King said...

Oh Kelsey, you are so lucky to be blessed with four wonderfully beautiful children. I am certain that Landon can't wait to spend eternity with you. That is a really sweet picture of you and him. All your kids are so cute...seriously, I always show my friends your kids because they are so precious. Happy Mother's Day! You are amazing!

Amparo said...

You are such great mom. I love that you share your life with your friends. You set a great example of what moms need to be like. Kudos!

Laura said...

Happy belated Mother's Day to you. That picture of you and Landon is so precious!

Our Family Happenings said...

Oh, I love all of your posts, they are so fun to read. You really are a great Mom! Being a Mom is the best thing ever!

G'Ma Jean said...

Don't know if you saw my original comment, but it said "What a wonderful tribute to your mother and to your children". I am happy to say that you are my daughter-in-law. I feel that we are so blessed that you and Joey found one another. XO Jean

Jennifer said...

That is so great~ How wonderful it is to be a mom. I just love every single minute of it. Even the hectic ones:)

Kathy and Ryan said...

Love this post. And I totally copied you!! :)

Kent and Katie said...

Love this. What a sweet post. You have such beautiful children!