grandpa dave

Grandpa Dave [Joey's Dad] finally made it out, from Sheridan Wyoming, to see his new grandson.

Christian's shirt says "My Grandpa Rides a Harley" (and he does!)
Although he got to spend some time holding Christian, most his time was taken up by the girls. They sure love their grandpa! They colored, played with water balloons (it was actually in the 70s this past weekend), read books, reread books... Reganne had come down with another cold just days before; Christian caught it too. So the weekend was also full of runny noses and coughs. As for Joey and I, well, we ate really well, had a fun trip to Cosco and Joey had a great excuse to watch football all weekend long. The sad part was Monday morning when Reganne woke up. Dave had already left, but she went right to his room, "Grandpa?"

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Kim said...

Sounds like fun. Cute picture of the two of them. Did he think Christian looked just like Joey?