baby update

Three weeks to go.

Or so I thought...

Monday I had my 37 week appointment in addition to another ultrasound to measure the baby. With my past history (Landen's shoulder dystocia at 8 lbs and Reganne tearing up my cervix at 9 lbs), the doctor wants to make sure this baby doesn't get too big. Well, the ultrasound measured him at 7 lbs, 15 oz, although that could be off a pound either way...so the kid is somewhere between almost 7 lbs and almost 9 lbs...that tells us alot. But in addition, he's measuring closer to a 39 week baby, not 37. So the doctor suggested doing an amniosis to check if his lungs where mature enough (wouldn't tell us anything about ACD-Landen's problem) and possibly induce this week.


I am NOT ready to have this baby. In my head I still have three weeks to go. That's three weeks I need to get ready still. Three weeks to enjoy being a mother to just my two girls. Three weeks to find all the baby stuff. Three weeks to meet with our new pediatrician. Three weeks to enjoy (somewhat) a full night's sleep. Three weeks. (I must sound crazy, what pregnant women wouldn't LOVE the opportunity to get her baby out early?)

But then the evening comes and my back hurts, my pelvic bone aches...night comes and I can't get comfortable to even sleep. My shoulders fall asleep throughout the night but it hurts too much to roll over to my other side. Can't even think about sleeping on my back. Then there is the pinched nerve thing in my butt.... Morning comes and I wonder how I made it...and how I'm going to make it through another day.

It wouldn't be too bad if he came a bit early....so I guess I'm not that crazy....

We decided however to give it another week, at least. I have my next appointment Monday and we'll go from there. Where, I don't know, but we'll go from there.

FYI-the ultrasound showed this little baby with alot of hair. Why is it that my boys get the hair and my girls are bald? Does that seem fair at all? (And no, I don't get heartburn ever...heard that was what gave babies hair.) Oh, and it was again confirmed that this is in fact, a boy.

3 happy thoughts:

Kim said...

Yeah!!! I'm so excited!!! That is absolutly the cutest 3D ultrasound picture I have ever seen! Mine always looked like aliens, which worried me a little. He is going to be adorable (of course!)! Keep me posted! I'll be calling you soon! Love you!

Our Family Happenings said...

Oh wow, that is exciting! I was hoping to have Jasmine early, even my doctor thought I would, but nope, she came late. But I am glad that they are keeping a good eye on you. I hope that you like your new doctor and find a good pediatrician. Keep us updated, we are so excited to see your little boy! Good luck with the whole labor and delivery...I always think that is such an amazing and neat experience.

The King Family said...

Yea for you! I think that is exciting! AND, that little face is adorable. He will be a wonderful addition to your little family.