we're back

Okay, so we didn't actually go anywhere, but we are now back.

Our less than 5 year old laptop crashed, for the second time now, at the beginning of February. The first time it was still under a service plan. Not so lucky this time and when I took it in, I was basically told it would cost a great deal and wouldn't be worth it. Better off just getting a new computer. So last night we finally hooked everything up in our new Dell computer. A desktop this time. (Joey and I disagreed on this one. I won.) We even got a new printer in the deal. I have to admit that everything is a bit bulky (Joe's argument for the laptop) but I LOVE the big monitor. And we're excited that we ended up with a Dell. We've read that they are very environmentally friendly....

Yeah for us!

1 happy thoughts:

Kim said...

Yeah! I'm glad you are up and running again! I've been checking regularly for updates. I thought maybe you would have something else to post as well. hmmm... Miss you!