Reganne's Curls
Courtesy, her Mom

Growing up, I always said that I'd never wish curly hair on my daughters. But now that I see Reganne's, I'm secretly so excited! Landen has been our only baby born with noticable hair, a bunch of blonde tipped curls, so now I can say that I've got 2 out of 3! Poor Marryn, she looks so out of place in our family with her blonde hair. But what most don't know is that I was always blonde!
Here's a picture of me just a few months older than Reganne.

5 happy thoughts:

Matt and Megan said...

Sitting behind you at church on Sunday I was secretly wishing that I had Reganne’s curls. I have always had straight, fine hair and Myles has been cursed with that. I love the picture of you. I have always thought that your girls looked you. TOO CUTE! ~ megan

Annie M. said...

I love the curls! She is adorable!!!

G'Ma Jean said...

Always precious...........XO
Grandma Jean

The King Family said...

There is nothing cuter than a little girl with curls. I have always had straight hair too...but isn't it funny that you wish for what you don't have but then other people hate it and want what you have?

Kim said...

Love the curls! Love the girl! Love you all! We miss you tons and tons! Love seeing all the pictures! Reganne is so adorable! I love love that she has your curls! Now you're not the only one in the family with natural curly hair :) Geez, there is a lot of love in this message. He!He!