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MLS# 556564

Nothing fancy. If you look in one of the living room photos, you'll see a princess crown sticking out of the couch. I was trying so hard to keep the girls in their room, but they were so persistent in "showing off" their toys. Reganne's room isn't pictured for we hadn't painted over the pink paint yet and Marryn is now sleeping in our guest room, although I changed the bedding out for something more girlie (ie. pink flowers). I really wish they could have seperate rooms in our next house. (I plan on giving the baby his own room and the girls sharing and then hopefully having a guest room.) They both sleep so much better! And it's really nice during Reganne's naptime. Marryn isn't just "stuck". Now she can go to her own room and play!

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Good Luck, I hope it sells quick!