turning one

Sunday, October 28th, Reganne celebrated her 1st Birthday.

And I'm kind of sad about it. With Marryn, we were always so excited to see her grow and learn new things and do new stuff, but with Reganne, we know what is next and we just want to keep our little baby little. But, oh, is she so much fun! Although I will always miss the baby part, it is still so exciting to see her do new things. For example, on her birthday, I watched her for the first time stand up on her own (vs crawling to something to pull herself up). It's bittersweet. A completely different experience than with Marryn. I still get so excited for Marryn to "grow up" but with Reganne, I was sad to move her out of her infant car seat and now to turn her around in her convertable car seat (I was going to wait, since the "recommended" age and weight seems to keep getting higher and higher, but we're struggling to get her little legs in comfortably and she is 21.5 lbs). It just shocks me at how different I feel between the two. And it's not like she's our last baby.

Our beautiful 9 lb baby Reganne only a couple hours old.

Her birthday went well, although Saturday night I finally came down with the mysterious stomach bug that went through the family. I stayed home with Reganne from church (she luckily slept the entire 3 hours) and by that evening was feeling better. Jean [Joey's Mom] came over and we had a mozzarella spinach meatloaf and rainbow chip cupcakes. Reganne opened her few gifts (her favorite being her new brown eyed baby doll-we were tempted many times in the past month to bring it out early for her and Marryn constantly fought over Marryn's) and then she and Marryn played with their balloons Jean brought them.

And now for her check-up stats. Weight, 21.5 lbs (50%); Length 29.5 inches (60%); Head 17.5 inches (30%).

3 happy thoughts:

Annie M. said...

OK how is it that you look so good after delivering a baby?!?? You should see my pictures immediately after I had Taylor- I look HORRIBLE! And she was only 7 lbs 10 oz, not 9 lbs!

Joe and Kelsey said...

I am very proud of that picture, otherwise I wouldn't post it! And I'm also very proud of the 9 lb baby, otherwise I wouldn't mention that either! :)

Rachelle said...

Hi there all, BJ was telling me to check out this and I thouhgt that it was great! Everyone looks so good. The girls look so different since the last time that I saw them. Funny how they grow. Please give my love to the babies and I hope to see you sometime. Take care and I miss you!!!