on a "un"roll

The girls and I just arrived home late last night from a week long trip to Arizona to visit my family. I'm tired, cranky and just not up to doing much today. I was in on the computer, trying to document (i.e. Blog) our trip and Marryn was in the bathroom, going "potty" (no, she's not toilet trained). She comes out and says there's water all over. I go in thinking I'm going to find maybe, hopefully, a little bit of pee, but no. I find water ALL OVER! I lift up the toilet lid to find it had clogged and overflowed, thanks to both Reganne, who unrolled a huge wad of toilet paper and Marryn, who tried to flush the huge wad of toilet paper. Multiple times.

2 happy thoughts:

Annie M. said...

That is so funny. Sometime I should tell you some of the stories that my mom told me about things my brothers, sister and I did when she left us alone for a few minutes.

Matt and Megan said...

I am so glad you are back. I thought you had vanished forever. I love the "Un Roll" ANOTHER documented example that "we can't turn our backs for one minute." (you just wait Annie, those stories won't be so funny when you are trying to get three toothbrushes, a gi joe and a travel sized shampoo out of a clogged (used) toilet...)